Kids’ holidays on a farm in the picturesque Eggen Valley

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A holiday on our adventure farm is a special treat for our young guests. The many farm animals, the surrounding mountains and the farm itself have a thousand different adventures in store. At no time do parents have to worry about traffic, bad influences or unpredictable dangers. Unterwerkstatthof is small enough for children to set off on their own on their journeys of discovery. If you feel like it you can even spend one night in the hey and sleep like the cowboys did in the Wild West.

The farm animals on our adventure farm at Eggen – an educational experience for children

Chickens on a farm
Daily contact with our farm animals isn’t only fun for children but also provides them with an educational experience. There are cats, rabbits, calves and chickens in our petting zoo just waiting to be marveled at and cared for. Our dog Rocky, child-friendly and good-humoured, is one of the highlights of the farm. Both adults and children love him but beware, he’s a notorious sock thief!

In summer goats graze in our meadows and little piggies grunt in the barn. Children learn in no time that keeping an animal means lots of responsibility and work – maybe the pony will disappear off the wish list for Christmas after your holiday.